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Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide: 100 years


The Project:

-It is to create the largest flag in the History of the World with a total surface of 1,500.000 square feet where each sqft has the name or the picture of a victim or a survivor of the Armenian Genocide printed on. (Previous record: Roumania= 860,000sqft).

-The flag will be made with the participation of all Armenians and supporters of the Armenian Genocide, from all around the world.

-Each country will have its own flag, and on April 24, 2015, those pieces will come together in Armenia and unite to become One Big Armenian Flag. Mothers, fathers, young and old from all around the world will hold the flag and walk up to Dzidzernagapert while little boys and little girls will throw flowers on those names and photos, as it goes up to its resting place...


The Goals:

-It is to get every single Armenian involved one way or another in building this record braking flag and to make all political, cultural and social groups work together as One, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, United.

-It will remind the Turkish government that their extermination plan did not work and that we still do exist, strong and ready to fight from all corners of the world, after a century has gone by, until full justice is served.

- It will reinforce and reinvigorate the few intellectual Turks that have recognized the reality of the Genocide and are fighting for their government to do the same. Having 1,5M names printed on the flag will give them some more material to fight on.  

-This action will force the International media to cover the event (since it is a record braking one), which in return will have its impact on the International public.

- Seeing 1,500,000 names printed on One big flag will remind us, Armenians and the people of the world, the extent of the horror committed by the Turks. Miles and miles of names going before our eyes will leave a completely different impression than those plain and simple numbers that we all got immune to…

-It will impact each and every Armenian like never before, but most importantly, it will invigorate our new generation to take the mission of the recognition into their hands. Each child, each student from all Armenian schools in the world will have their names or pictures on the flag and will be owning a piece of it, forever. Having their names printed next to the name of a victim will create a link between generations that will affect each and every one of them, for the rest of their lives.

-This flag will remind those Armenian kids of their duties for the years to come.

-This crime has been committed a century ago, and the flag will bring all the victims back from History, giving them once again, names, identities and faces forgotten for so long. (Something the Jews have been doing very well).


Hamazkayin believes that the creation of this flag is a great opportunity to remind to the world the reality of a forgotten Genocide, reestablish a relation between Armenians from all around the world putting aside all political differences and to pass the torch to the next generation.

It is time for all of us to work together and forget, even for a short period of time, our political differences. 100 years ago our grandfathers were dragged out of their homes, walked the deserts not as Tashnagtzagan or Ramgavar, were tortured not because they were Hentchagyan or Parekordzagan, Etchmadzinagan or Guiligian… They walked as Armenians,  jumped in the rivers to drown with pride because they were Armenians, witnessed their parents killed before their eyes Only because they spoke Armenian, danced Armenian, were Armenian…

We, the lucky survivors, have no right today to put any of our political interests ahead of our National ones.

It will be a Second Genocide perpetrated by our own hands if we are unable to work together hand in hand in bringing back the names and faces of our great-grandfathers from the ashes.

The least we should be able to do, is for all of us to Unite in Memory of the Victims and to work and succeed as ONE Armenian Nation!

Hamazkayin finds it appropriate to present this project to the proper body which is the Comity for the commemoration of the 100 years of the Armenian Genocide, hoping that they will take it upon themselves to make it a reality, since they have all the contacts and action groups needed.

Time is of essence, and we would like you to really give this project a chance to succeed since the benefits are immense both Nationally and Internationally.




























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